One-year tethered cord surgery update

Transformation What a year a difference can make. One year ago, I flew home from New York after having surgery to fix a tethered spinal cord - a manifestation of my hyper-mobile Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (hEDS). I woke up after my surgery on the precipice of transformative emotional and physical healing - an experience several … Continue reading One-year tethered cord surgery update

Three month post-SFT surgery update

Chronic illness dismantles our life force, but what does it look like to reassemble it? As I reflect on the three-month mark since my surgery for tethered cord syndrome, I realize that recovery can't be captured by a list of symptom improvements (though scroll to the bottom to Table 1 for the TL; DR version). … Continue reading Three month post-SFT surgery update

Post-surgery updates

This blog will chronicle my progress after detethering surgery (SFT) on 8/19/2021. I expect my healing to be non-linear but hope for an overall upward trajectory. You can read more here and here for background on my surgery and why I decided to go forward with it. Check back here for future updates. THREE WEEKS … Continue reading Post-surgery updates