Early on in my medical maladies, I realized I needed to toughen up. Little did I know at the time, but I thought that my infertility treatments were going to be the worst I would ever see, apart from a myomectomy to remove a grapefruit-sized fibroid before trying to become pregnant. To put it mildly, … Continue reading Tapped

A quick guide to 2-day CPET reports for ME/CFS

OK, so I wrote a really (overly) long piece on how to interpret a 2-day CPET report from Workwell Foundation with an eye toward understanding these documents for disability purposes. To understand something I pretty much need to delve into the science and write about it. While writing that piece certainly helped with my understanding … Continue reading A quick guide to 2-day CPET reports for ME/CFS

Keto Meyer lemon muffins

Last week I had the opportunity to stock up on Meyer lemons while I was in the South Bay for various medical appointments. I usually prefer recipes with almond flour, but not everyone can eat almonds, so I wanted to share a keto-friendly recipe made with coconut flour. These muffins are seriously tasty and moist. … Continue reading Keto Meyer lemon muffins