Marijuana as medicine for ME/CFS (Part II): Getting started with Cannabis

Here is part II of the Cannabis series over at Health Rising (here is part I). The next part in the series is written by Cort Johnson and will be a deep dive into all matters CBD. Stay tuned over at Health Rising!

I hope some of the general guidelines in this article are enough to get people started if interested in exploring the use of Cannabis to treat symptoms of ME/CSF.

Next up is a 3-part series on my experience with the ketogenic diet, including an in-depth look at lipidology and hyper-responders (not out of desire, but more out of necessity!).

A brief word on my pedantry. I am a plant ecologist. As a plant ecologist, I simply do not have it in me to refer to scientific names in any way other than the proper way (genus is capitalized, species in lower case, both words italicized or underlined). This is why I always capitalize and italicize Cannabis because it refers to genus of plants. Alternatively, I could have written my piece referring to it as cannabis, no caps, not italics.

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